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If you are looking for answers like "Is Zoho Marketing Automation the right tool for me?" then you are at the right place.

Appsolite is the fastest and easiest way to find cutting-edge marketing tools.

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Appsolite provides all the tools to audit and evaluate digital marketing tools

Having the right tool for the job has proven to have higher adoption & utilization within an organization providing the agility to align marketing activities with business strategy.



Appsolite provides unbiased, data-driven market research for each individual product category in the MarTech stack. Using AI/ML algorithms, we provide a visual snapshot of the whole category keeping you informed about the emerging technologies and trends in the market so that you can make the most informed decision.



Audit & benchmark your technology stack by identifying its capabilties so that you can align them with your business strategy and how you are able to respond to changes in the market. With our simplified user interface you have access to our research data which was analyzed and then mapped to corresponding marketing functions.



Agility to evalaute emerging technologies and market trends helping you sift through thousands of product data-points across a category to make the most informed decision. The traceability matrix provides you with side-by-side comparison of capabilities across the whole category helping you to align with the business strategy.

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