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Kids Math Magic Pro

Play with animals, have fun and teach your kids math with a really nice educational app! Teach them

numbers by counting the animals displayed on the screen and have hours of fun!STUDIO RECORDED VOICESThe studio recorded voice in this educational math app will guide the children if they are right orclose to the correct answer. The soothing music, amazing animal graphics and voice instruction givesa great appeal to this app. The kids would love to play while they learn in the process too!HELP YOUR CHILDEN LEARN MATHSpark a love for learning math with these fun and educational games! This delightful app features awide range of games that promise to improve kids' math skills. Engage your youngsters and helpthem develop early math skills, such as counting, addition, subtraction, quantifying, and so muchmore!VARIOUS MATH LEARNING GAMESKids Math Magic Pro offers multiple educational and entertaining math games:1. Kids Math Magic Pro offers multiple educational and entertaining math games:2. Count My Pets- Learn counting by dragging the animals and birds to their home withinteresting levels;3. Color Math- An easy to understand game of addition and subtraction with pictorialrepresentation;4. Learn to Count- Counting with cute birds & animals;5. Toddler Trainer – Count the Toys- Learn counting, quantifying and tracing numbers 1-10 withlovely toys;6. Preschool Numbers 1-50 with lovely toys;7. Trace It – Numbers;KIDS MATH MAGIC PRO FEATURES- Teaches kids numbers from 1 to 50- Teaches children to interact – Action/Reaction- Help your youngsters develop their early math skills- A wide range of fun math games- Especially created for babies 9 months and above- Colorful and smooth design- Studio recorded voice as a guide- Multiple level selection- For iPhone and iPad-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -Get this educationally-fun math app today and keep your kids learning and wanting to explore moreabout math!Download it now and enjoy passing your time with your little ones even more!




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